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est. 1984

Started by our dad, Jason, Suffolk began as a 4-H project. Quickly expanding, by the time our parents were married, they were beginning to stand-out nationally. As sisters, we have enjoyed growing up around sheep and adding Rambouillets. We currently have approximately 120 registered brood ewes on our farm. 

Sedalia Champ.jpg


We continued to be humbled every year for the support we receive in and out of the showring. Thank you to all that continue to help guide our flock!

Knutson 14-5 NAILE.jpg
Knutson 14-5

2015 NAILE Champion Suffolk Ewe

Shown by Touchdown Acres

Erica NAILE 2019.jpg
"Erica" Knutson 19-54

2019 NAILE Reserve Senior Fitted Ewe

Member of 1st pair of Yearling Ewes

16-25 Iowa.jpg
Knutson 16-26

2016 Iowa State Fair Junior Champion Ram

Knutson R16-38

2016 NAILE 1st place Ram Lamb

UJSSA 2014 Flock.jpg
South Dakota Flock

2014 National Junior Suffolk Show 1st place State Flock

18-50 NAILE.webp
"Jimmy" Knutson 18-50

2018 National Junior Suffolk Show Reserve Junior Champion Ram Lamb

2018 NAILE 2nd place Ram Lamb

15-28 yrl.jpg
Knutson R15-25

2016 South Dakota State Reserve Supreme Ram

Sedalia Champ.jpg
Knutson 17-11

2017 Midwest Stud Ram Sale Champion Suffolk Ram

Monica NAILE 2019.jpg
"Monica" Knutson 19-61

2nd place Yearling Ewe

Member of 1st pair of Yearling Ewes

17-52 ring NAILE.jpg
"Gracie" Knutson 17-52

2017 Reserve Junior Champion Ewe Lamb

Rita NAILE 2019.jpg
"Rita" Knutson F18-3

2018 NAILE 1st place Fall Ewe

18-1 Iowa.webp
Knutson 18-1

2018 Iowa State Fair Junior Champion Ewe Lamb

2016 Ramb Flock.jpg
Show Flock

2016 South Dakota State Fair Rambouillet 1st place Flock

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